Why Are Men Such Amazing Shoe Designers? (Louboutin, Manolo, etc.)

Christian Louboutin

It’s a little ironic, isn’t it? Us women cherish our shoes deeply – to the point that we make them a part of our identity – yet most of the designers who understand who we are, who we want to be, are men.  Why?

Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin

While it might seem counterintuitive, men have certainly proven they are quite qualified for the role. Beyond the amazing creations they make for us, when you sit and listen to what they have to say, it is clear that they understand women on more than just an aesthetic level. They recognize the intrinsic relationship between the shoe, the wearer, and the emotion. They know how to take the best parts of us and make them better for the world to see. (If only my boyfriend could do this!)

So the answer to the question… Honestly, I really have no idea what the answer is. I don’t know how they do it, but I am incredibly grateful they do – I love these men dearly!

So to honor these amazing designers, I’m sharing my favorite quotes from them with you.  

Christian Louboutin

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically, and emotionally.”

“A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.”

“A woman can carry a bag, but it’s the shoe that carries the woman.”

Manolo Blahnik

“People walk differently in high heels. Your body sways to a different kind of tempo.”

“What is fashion? It’s discipline. Discipline and a credo to do only the best, down to the smallest detail.”

Tom Ford

“Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others.”

“In my adult life I’ve understood that if I put an enormous amount of love and honesty into something, usually that shows in the end.”

“I worry constantly and obsess over things, but I don’t let fear stand in the way of doing something that I really want to do.”

Stuart Weitzman

“Nothing has man invented yet that will do a better job than heels at making a good pair of legs look great, or great ones look fabulous.”


“Elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion and surprise.”

“I love beauty. It’s not my fault.”

“I know what women want. They want to be beautiful.”

Brian Atwood

“High heels bring you closer to heaven.”

“A woman cannot survive on champagne alone, she also needs shoes.”

“The world is a catwalk. Wear fierce shoes everyday.”

Alexander McQueen

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”

“Women should look like women. A piece of cardboard has no sexuality.”

“If you don’t have a passion for something, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

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