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Interview with Supermodel Frederique van der Wal

Frederique van der Wal

Welcome to the Luxury Shoe Club interview series where we introduce you to impeccably styled women whose stories need to be told. Today we interview 90’s Supermodel Frederique van der Wal.

Frederique was one of the most iconic faces in the 90’s. Today she’s busy as ever from juggling her own floral company, producing and starring in TV shows, and yes, still modelling.

What’s your background and how did you get into modeling?

I grew up in Holland. I was quite unaware of the fashion world or modeling. Someone approached me to enter the Elite Modeling Agency, Look of the Year Competition. This changed the course of my life.

I grew up in Holland. I was quite unaware of the fashion world or modeling. Someone approached me to enter the Elite Modeling Agency, Look of the Year Competition. This changed the course of my life.

My motivation for entering at the time was all about winning a car. Little did I know what was coming. I won both the local and international “Look of the Year 1985” competitions. With that, I received a 2-year contract with Elite Modeling and some serious money.

First, I feel like, I got very lucky. I went from shooting a spread for American Vogue to the Cover. From there, I graced the covers of Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Paris and many more.

I also became the face for Revlon, Victoria Secret, and Guess Jeans. In many ways, my life really turned out to become the ‘American Dream’.

I absolutely love the opportunities America has given me and the ability to create the career I wanted at each stage of my life.

What was it like modeling in the 90’s and who was your favorite photographer?

The Cosmopolitan Covers with Francesco Scavullo were always fun. The clothes were fabulous and Super sexy. Yet my shoots with Victoria Secret were great. I worked with Patrick Demarchelier, Richard Bailey, Paul Lange to name a few.

Often we would shoot on location like St Barths, for a week and have an amazing time. We were like a big family, enjoying hanging out, laughing, and enjoying the sun. As well, creating a beautiful images. One of my first shoot’s was with photographer Arthur Elgort and the amazing designer Azzedine Alaïa for American Vogue.

What do you remember most about your first shoot with Azzedine Alaïa? 

I remember being nervous. I had never worn such fabulous designer clothes like Alaïa’s. He was an extraordinary talent, a generous and kind soul. I remember how I felt in that moment. He was known for his crazy high shoes, I was lucky I didn’t break my ankle!

You shot recently for V Magazine. Do you feel differently modeling today?

I love to shoot now. I am more confident today. Moreover, I know who I am versus in my twenties. No longer doing day-to-day modeling gives me the freedom to be more playful, less serious, and simply enjoy it.

What advice would you give young models today?

The business has changed tremendously. The modeling world is much more competitive. Models have shorter careers and the industry moves at lightening speed. The competition for “modeling” jobs isn’t only between models, now it includes celebrities and influencers.

The positives are it’s much more inclusive which is great and long overdue. My advice for young models starting out is to develop yourself including your personality and image, and most importantly where you want your career to be after modeling. Enjoy the ride and save and invest what you earn wisely.

Now you’re running your own company and producing TV shows. Tell us more.

The Dutch Government named a flower after me, I ended up filming a documentary for Discovery Channel titled, ” The Invisible Journey.” This documentary explored how flowers come to us. That led me to create my company, Frederique’s Choice. A lifestyle e-commerce and content brand centered on flowers. I brought my company to the USA in 2015. To launch the company, I produced the TV show Homegrown Makeover.

Tell us about your TV shows Homegrown Makeover and Life Cycles.

Homegrown Makeover with Frederique and Carter is a reality show. We craft site-specific custom flowers and plant designs, to create a beautiful space in each residence. We want viewers to learn how to incorporate greenery into their own homes.

I am filming a series called Lifecycles.  This series touches on real stories and moments of some of my most interesting and unique New York City friends. Life Cycles is a feel good human interest show that isn’t afraid to touch on more serious subjects. Here is a link to the show:

“At my core, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From licensing deals, underwear lines and fragrances, to creating my own floral e-commerce business.”

Who are your favorite designers today? How do you incorporate sustainability into your shopping habits.

My Favorite designers are Nicholas K, Rick Owens, Helmut Lang, Dries van Noten, and Chloe. Today, it is important to incorporate sustainability practices into your lifestyle, including how you shop for clothes & accessories, as we must think about the environment. I find my closet getting smaller, it seems my daughter is enjoying “shopping” in my closet.

What’s Your Perfect Shoe + Clothing Combo? Why?

My Nicholas K wrap shoes with a cool dress or tight pants. I like the balance between feminine and strong with a twist of edginess.

That’s A Wrap!

Thank you Frederique for taking time out to talk with us. I am in awe with everything you have accomplished, truly inspirational! We are thrilled to have you part Luxury Shoe Club’s Sustainably Chic family.

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