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Interview With Devorah Rose, Editor-in-Chief of Social Life Magazine

Devorah Rose

Welcome to the Luxury Shoe Club interview series featuring Devorah Rose, an American socialite and the Editor-in-Chief of Social Life Magazine.

Share with us a little about yourself and your background. What led you to New York City?

My mother is Venezuelan and my father is Guatemalan. I grew up in Newton (a suburb of Boston) and came to the city to study at Barnard College. While pursuing my education, I met Justin Mitchell at MoMA’s Party in the Garden. We set up a meeting and discussed working together. It was one of those only-in-New-York-City kind of moments, a serendipitous meeting that changed my life forever. 

You’ve been featured in several reality shows about both socialites and New York City… how did that come to be?

The first show I was featured on was called Fashionista Diaries and it came about because I was seated next to one of the protagonists at a birthday dinner. She was working at Seventh House PR and pitched me a hair client named Dov. I was producing a shoot that they would film for the show in exchange for the magazine to be prominently featured. Because I gathered a high end multimillion dollar location, models, and content on a shoe string budget the head of development, Roni Selig, came to set. We spoke and set up a meeting. The meeting led to ABC/Disney offering me a development deal. During that time I was making appearances on several reality shows, Real Housewives of New York, Married to Jonas, Cake Boss, and many others.

What were the highs and lows? Which shows have you appeared in?

I think the low point was after my stepfather passed away and ending up appearing on a show called High Society. I was participating for two reasons. One, a distraction to the pain of losing a loved one. Secondly, a story line featuring Social life Magazine. Unfortunately, the producers did not deliver on the promises made. Besides that experience, I found all other producers very direct about their goals for these shoots, what would happen during the show, and specific direction. I have been turning down every single *prominent role in a * reality project that has come my way for 8 years now. I am open to small appearances on shows. Such as, a Netflix show I make a quick appearance coming out soon that features Social Life Magazine, but that is the extent to my participation.

Social Life magazine is the premier luxury publication for the Hamptons, celebrating 17 years in print. Your content focuses on luxury lifestyle on local, national, and international levels  who summer on the East End of Long Island. What inspired you to start this magazine?

Justin Mitchell approached me about starting a magazine and as a rising writer, it was an exciting and fun opportunity. The inspiration was what all writers dream of… the process of creation. I enjoy working with artists and helping upcoming talent the most. 

You have worked with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jessica Hart to Christie Brinkley. Which was your favorite cover and why?

I don’t like the word favorite. She is extremely impressive and have a lot of love for Christie Brinkley. Getting in a bathing suit 30 years after her last Sports Illustrated has created a movement. She was the first to start the movement of embracing and loving our bodies at any age. She truly is an inspiration.

Which moment stood out to you where you said to yourself, I have made it?

The specific moment was when I cut out all the toxic individuals and created very clear boundaries and stopped participating in reality television. Creating a safe space to be my best self has helped me to create incredible relationships with family and friends. Every day I’m grateful for the fantastic people in my life, specifically my husband. I am my best self because of him. Creating joy and peace is what has made me feel like I made it. It’s a feeling no celebrity, paparazzi photo, or achievement can give you. Only authenticity and the world you create for yourself can give you real power. Thankfully, we can all achieve it.

You empowered Brooke Shields to get back in her Calvins, and for Christie Brinkley to pose in a bathing suit in her late 50’s, who has empowered and inspired you?

My husband, my best friend Matt as well as the powerful women in my life like my mother, grandmother, and sisters.

Empowering the voiceless is a cause I know is dear to your heart. What organizations are you active participant in?

 I’m actively involved in the Kaufman Music Center. The Kaufman Music Center has many components and schools. Lucy Moses School is NYC’s largest community arts school and Special Music School is the only K-12 public school in NYC that teaches music as a core subject. Even with a focus on music, the students here consistently rank among the highest in the state for reading and math. Some of the students are the first in their family to go to university. It’s a very special place that gives talented youth an incredible chance to explore their dreams. 

Tell us about your work as an animal activist.

When it comes to animal charities there are many I contribute to. Because of my Venezuelan roots there are several individuals on the ground in Caracas that I work closely with. One of them is named Enrique Rios and can be followed on Instagram @EnriqueRiosRescateAnimal.

The American animal charity I am most passionate about is Animal Hope and Wellness. They not only do so much to save victims of the dog and cat meat trade but they have formed Animal Hope In Legislation, a political advocacy organization fighting to end animal cruelty through stronger laws, which is truly the only way to end animal cruelty.

Also, I have to speak up about the plight of American wild horses. Ranchers who raise cows for beef – a horrible a cruel practice that contributes to global warming – are now ending the lives of countless wild horses. Because they want more land to grow their beef trade, they have pressured the government to round up wild horses and sell them off for meat to China or simply euthanize them. In order to fight for wild horses you can follow @freewildhorses and contribute to the American Wild Horse Campaign. 

If you can, we would love to see your fabulous closet. Tell us who are your favorite designers and why?

First and foremost I love Chanel. I find their clothes inspiring from the iconic tweed jacket to a cropped cardigan as well as their t-shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes.The initial spirit of designing pieces that are elegant without being overtly opulent, ornate, or constrictive that inspired Coco Chanel is still alive today in all the pieces. That same spirit of simplicity combined with craftsmanship is what makes me fall in love with Brunello Cucinelli. I adore the fabric and casual nature of Cucinelli pieces. 

What’s Your Perfect Shoe + Clothing Combo? Why?

I love a good Prada platform sneaker with Cucinelli overalls or Chanel boots with skinny jeans and a comfy sweater.

That’s A Wrap!

Devorah is an inspiration both personally and professionally. Beautiful, brilliant, driven, creative and kind. She has created a name for herself in the fashion industry, and she has used that celebrity to help end animal cruelty and empower the voiceless. Devorah on Instagram @devorahrose

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