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Designer Shoe Resale is “In” — Will You Join the Trend?

Be Sustainably Chic

The opposite of resale is “fast fashion.” These are trendy clothing and accessories made quickly and cheaply. A fast-fashion fashionista typically has a disposable mindset. Their intention is to wear these pieces for a short period of time, constantly consuming. For instance, think Shein, H & M, Mango and Primark. 

Although seemingly appealing, the effect ‘fast fashion’ has on our planet is dangerous. Consequently, consumers realize that the fashion industry is largely contributing to the ecological issues facing the Earth.

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Why Is Resale So Important?

There are many different reasons to shop resale. Sustainability is the main reason. Today, over 70% of consumers cite the environment as a deciding factor when purchasing.

Now, consumers are turning toward resale fashion. This is because they can buy luxury goods at affordable prices. There is an estimated half a trillion to a trillion dollars worth of luxury goods sitting in people’s closets. And half of that? Most likely unworn. 

The Designer Shoe Resale Concept

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Resale is going to be essential to remedy the effects of ‘fast fashion.’ Consequently, it’s all going to come down to connecting the right pieces to the right buyer. 

The Luxury Goods market in the U.S. is estimated at US$51.2 Billion in 2021. In fact, Luxury resale already represents a $24 billion market today. Online resellers are driving the growth of the pre-owned market. So, be part of today and the future. Shop LSC!

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