Vintage - What's the Big Deal?

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Looking around the interweb for bags, shoes, T Shirts etc, there seems to be a theme that you just cannot escape from wherever you go. Clothes, furniture, bikes  (and hells bells, there is some mind blowing gear out there), it seems that Vintage is the new "new"! The new look is old, genuinely old, or newly made to look old. However it is presented, old is in!

Vintage Leather Handmade Satchel  9" x 6"  x 5"

Bags, jackets, shoes are cool if they look 20 years older than what they really are. Why is this not the case for people?  We try to look younger and more cool, either by spending monumental  amounts of cash on face creams or by buying clothes and accessories that are made to look older than what they really are. Strangely enough buying new gear that looks old can be quite pricey. Who really saw this one coming?

Pinterest Inspiration

As I browse on Pinterest, virtual home of millions of images, graphics, and classical arty creations, I’m quite struck at the amount of ‘vintage-ness’ across the brightly animated pages. It’s the perfect plot for one of those vintage movies, where you open a book or a wardrobe, a suitcase even and suddenly another world takes over. I have to say I was totally taken aback by it all. Sadly I realized that I was nowhere near cool enough to step in to some classic vintage biker gear that looks A-list Hollywood on a guy 20 years older than me. It will just make me look rather unfortunate!

Vintage Accessories

On the other hand, vintage accessories can look cool on just about anyone. Vintage leather gear is as cool as ‘gear’ can get. Surfing around on the net, checking out this whole vintage phenomenon it seems to be a talking point. When a footballer’s wife or actor (be it megastar or extra on a quiet news day) steps out in a vintage leather jacket or with a vintage leather bag, skirt, pair of boots etc, it’s news!

The New Cool

There is no avoiding it, old style vintage is the new cool.  A biker’s leather jacket that looks like that have been towed the length of Route 66 behind a Harley is cooler than a polar bear winning at poker. And just look at the number of shares, comments, likes, reposts, follows, whatever you do online to see that worn and distressed vintage is where it’s at.

For me, I have a vintage style leather bag.  I love it, it’s cool and people who see it love it.  I’m sticking to it while I’m ahead!  For more info on Trevor's Vintage Leather Bags click here.

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