My Shoe Life - Part 1

As you can imagine, most of my defining life-experiences have had a pair of shoes involved… Whether going to college, new friendships found & lost, first jobs, many loves & heartbreaks, I still remember the shoes I wore.


How It All Started - My Mother’s Ferragamo’s


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been addicted to fashion. I can still recall the EXACT DAY my shoe obsession began…when I discovered my mother's iconic Ferragamo's while playing in her closet.

When I put on those heels, I was transformed from 7-year-old girl into a Princess Diana-like royalty ready to rule the world.

For years, I would walk in the house and wear them when she was out. As I transitioned into becoming a teenager, after school, I would find myself in Neiman Marcus or Saks trying on designer heels, dreaming of the day I could afford them.


College Graduation - My First Pair of Manolos 


At my college graduation my mother gifted me with my first pair of Manolo Blahniks. Receiving these "IT" heels was something I’ll never forget. They became the first pair in my collection – little did I know how fast this collection would grow!

These Manolo Blahniks took me into the real world, and I was determined to show everyone, including Carrie Bradshaw, that these "Mary Janes" were NOT an "urban shoe myth!"


My First Job – Louboutins!


My first job in New York City was both thrilling and terrifying. I was uncertain about almost everything new in my life.

But the one thing that I was completely sure of was that I was going to spend my first paycheck on the shoes I had been longing for forever - Christian Louboutins. (I may not have eaten well that month, but when you’re wearing Louboutins, what else do you need?)

When I wore those, trust me, every meeting was easier….

Up Next My Shoe Life Part 2 – First Dates, New Best Friends, Vacationing in Exotic Places...  

Yours Truly,


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