Some People Look Like Their Dogs... My Friends Look Like Their Shoes

October 15, 2015

You know how some people say dogs owners look like their dogs? Well I was sitting at lunch the other day and I had this epiphany - my friends look like their shoes.


My friend Katherine is a magazine editor and would surely be a Prada. A debutante raised in the south, she’s brought her eloquence, charm and grace up north. She takes her tea sweet but her Bloody Mary’s strong. She always has an opinion on everything.


Grace is a professional photographer. She is definitely a Louboutin (she's her own red sole). The free spirit of our group, she’s always picking up and traveling somewhere to an exotic locale for work. On these trips, she samples everything from great cuisine to fine wine, and sometimes a man or two. She wears what she wants and makes it work every single time. She’s even had a drink named after her at two of the trendiest bars in New York City.


And then there is Elizabeth, who I mentioned last week. Diligent and driven, she’s a Manolo. Whether she’s waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym, running a Wall Street firm by day, or entertaining clients at night, she’s the woman who gets stuff done. Not only is she hard working, she definitely appreciates the finer things in life (and has the shoe closet to show for it).

I mentioned to them last week that I’m starting my new company called the Luxury Shoe Club. The business plan is simple - I’m going to connect women, one pair at a time.

I think I just found the club’s first three members. Katherine, Grace, and Elizabeth are going to love it.

Welcome to the Founders Circle ladies!


Yours Truly,


The Shoe Diva

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