I Might Have A Problem...

October 8, 2015


What are you obsessed with? Not what do you like. What are you obsessed with? There’s a difference.

You see, I like:

- Pumpkin spice lattes
- Barre classes on 5th Avenue
- Wearing colorful leggings to said barre classes
- Sitting at the head of the conference table

But I’m obsessed with:

Shoes. Luxury shoes. The ones measured in Italian sizes.

Manolos. Louboutins. Jimmy Choos. You name it, I wear it or want it.

The last time I counted, I had 87 pairs of shoes. Even though I’m 38, my mother still asks me when I plan on getting married, but the truth of the matter is I don’t think I could sacrifice any closet space for a man. Those shoes have value beyond the price - think of all the patience, attention to detail, and care that was put into creating these pieces of art. And these days, my shoes seem to be a much better fit than my choices in men. Add to that all of the emotions and effort that you put into looking for, trying on, and deciding to buy that perfect pair, and it’s clear when you have an obsession like mine, you have two major problems - closet space and credit card space. My shoes are as much a part of my soul as they are a part of my soles. I’m sure you can understand.

So the other night, I was at my friend Elizabeth’s penthouse apartment on Park Avenue (she’s a successful partner at a big Wall Street firm). She was showing off her remodeled shoe closet and ten pairs of new Jimmy Choos and Louboutins she bought for the season (I’m a little green). Since her most recent shopping spree had taken up substantial closet space, she had offered me five gorgeous pairs from last season. The problem? We’re a size and a half apart. Grrr.

On my Uber ride home, mourning over the five amazing pairs that aren’t going to be mine, I got to thinking. How many women are like Elizabeth and me, with luxury shoes that are just sitting idle in their closets that other women would wear?

Suddenly it hit me - if Uber can connect people with rides, why can’t we connect women with shoes?

And for the rest of the ride home, I began to think about the new company I was going to start. I even came up with the perfect name for it... I am going to call it the Luxury Shoe Club.

(I guess I really am obsessed.)

Yours Truly,


The Shoe Diva

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