Engineering in 130mm Christian Louboutins

Welcome to the Luxury Shoe Club interview series where we introduce you to seriously-styled women with serious shoe obsessions.

In today's interview, we introduce you to Mara Winter (IG: @engineeringinheels) - a gorgeous and talented computer software engineer who loves fast cars, PC gaming (in heels of course), furry felines and is a 100% Christian Louboutin fanatic...

 Mara Winter - Christian Louboutin Cover


Tell us a little about yourself and your background. What would someone be most surprised to learn about you?

Hi! My name's Mara. I’m what you might describe as a tech-geek who typically views the world atop of a pair of fabulous 130mm Christian Louboutins

People are always surprised to find out that I have a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University. After I graduated, I started my career as a Materials Engineer.

Around 6 years ago I changed professions and became a Software Engineer. Since then, I've never looked back. Today, I work as a technology strategist for my company, and I’m loving it - always in heels of course!


Mara Winter - Christian Louboutin Black Outside


When Did You Realize You Love Shoes? Why Are You So Passionate About Them?

When I look back now, I realize the beginning of my shoe addiction began in high school. Every week I found myself wearing at least one pair of heels. Little did I know what a full blown addiction it would become!

After college, and now getting a paycheck, I made a conscious decision that I was not going to be a stereotypical engineer - wearing polo's and khaki's.

So I soon began buying and wearing designer shoes in most days ending in a "y".  I just can't help myself... love the way they make me look!  When I'm in a great pair of heels, I always feel a cool mix of pretty and powerful! Since then, I won't be caught dead without being in a fabulous pair of shoes.


Mara Winter - Christian Louboutin Black Booties Outside


Who Is Your Favorite Designer and Why?

Christian Louboutin; need I say more? I also have really been loving Casadei heels lately. Their Blade line is fire. When I'm in a pair of CL heels, I just see the world differently - it's mine to own and I like most shoe lovers, I feel invincible.


Mara Winter - Christian Louboutin Pink with Car


How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Own? Which Is Your Favorite Pair And Why?

I really need to keep count... It must be between 90 - 100 pairs!  One of my favorites is my collection of So Kates and then of course, is my overall collection of 130mm Christian Louboutins. I still keep a fond place in my heart for my very first pair - gorgeous black Pigalles I bought in 2012.


Mara Winter - Christian Louboutin Collection Multi


What's Your Perfect Shoe + Clothing Combo? Why?

Cuffed dark jeans, a pair of Christian Louboutin So Kates, and a blazer. Makes me feel so put together.

For date night: a leather mini with a blouse tucked in, either bare legs or sheer black hose and a platform heel.


Mara Date Night


Last Question... Shoe Goals: What's The Next Pair You're Lusting For?

Christian Louboutin So Kate in Baby Pink – I LOVE baby pink. And, as of the last week, I’ve found them and bought them! I have an obsession…

The other one on my LUSTING list is to get a pair of Casadei Blades in Hot Pink. Just putting it out there in case anyone wants to gift them to me 😉

Casadei Blades Hot Pink

Wrap Up...

Thanks Mara,  we love your look and your style! You've given us a whole new view on how we see Women in Tech! If you want to see more of Mara's style and her fabulous shoes, you can follow her on Instagram at @engineeringinheels.

Lastly, don't forget! Join other shoe lovers at It's the world's first club where you can trade designer shoes with other fabulous women using points instead of cash. The benefit for all shoe lovers is they can get a new look whenever you want a little to no cost per pair!

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