Are You An Empowered Sole?

October 23, 2015

Whenever I’m having a rough day, I know I can put on any pair of heels and feel better. I stand taller, I walk more boldly and I feel unstoppable.


Yesterday Elizabeth, my friend who runs the Wall Street firm, was telling me about the latest benefit she attended. It was promoting a program that helps underprivileged women get back on their feet by teaching them vocational skills and providing them with professional attire.

Well that got me thinking about the new company I’m starting. How awesome would it be to incorporate something like this into the Luxury Shoe Club? Something that helps women in need have the opportunity to feel as empowered as I do when I’m wearing my favorite Manolos?

Think about it…

We raise our heels.

We raise our standards.

We raise our confidence.

Why can’t we also raise support for women in need?

So many women out there are being constrained from reaching their potential because they lack the resources to get their feet off the ground. How great would it be to help other women who just need a boost? I wonder if I can also help disadvantaged women have the chance for a better life?

I have to admit – I’ve felt like my new company was missing something. I think this just might be it. I’m going to call it the Luxury Shoe Club’s Empowered Soles program.

Yours Truly,


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