A New Way to Shop Designer Shoes

Have you have ever bought a gorgeous pair of designer shoes you just had to have?

Even if they weren't exactly the right size, were just for a one-time event or hurt a little too much? Did you wear them only once or twice and now they´re just sitting idle in your closet? 

What if you could trade them for another pair of beautiful shoes you would wear?

Changing The Way We Buy 

When we started Luxury Shoe Club, we had a single-minded mission...

Make it incredibly easy for women to trade new in box and gently loved high-end designer shoes they no longer wear.

Even with the incredible growth in reselling luxury goods, there is still a ton of hassles and unnecessary expenses that come with it.

We knew there had to be a better way.


Beth Shak as seen in Shoeholics magazine Jan/Mar 2015 issue on 1500 pairs & counting!

According to Thred Up´s Article (2018 resale report), 1 in every 3 women shopped secondhand last year. More and more women are done paying retail for a designer piece of clothing or a pair of shoes that might not be the right fit or is just not what you hoped for. This is why  consumers and turning towards buying pre-owned instead of new. With affordable prices and an increasingly better service, these second-hand markets are replacing traditional retail shopping.

Thred Up (2018 resale report)


A New Way to Shop - Luxury Shoe Club

Luxury Shoe Club has created a unique designer shoe trading platform and simple-to-use iPhone App. Members can trade Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, Prada, Manolos, etc. for full resale value AND get the same designer shoe brands at a fraction of the cost.

The LSC app has made the process of buying and selling shoes completely hassle-free. And, here's a radical idea, we pay members upfront to list shoes for sale!

With just a few pics and some details on about your shoes, the app calculates their resale value in seconds. And when you list, you're INSTANTLY paid up to 50% of that value! Members earn the rest when they are sold to another member.

The magic behind LSC is its Club Point system.  Members buy & sell with points instead of using cash for shoes. (1 Club Point = $1) The beauty of this is it allows members to get the full value for their shoes, not have to wait to get paid and score amazing shoes at more than 90% off.


Luxury Shoe Club App


Could We Make It Even Better?

FREE Membership Offer + Home Pickup Repair Service

In a partnership with Santana Leather Care, we took another pain point and turned it on its head - shoe repair!

Why struggle to find a expert cobbler qualified to work on your shoe investments? Why go through the hassle and have to drive a long way to drop them off, and then drive back to pick them up?  Why pay full price for your repair service?

Club members can now get world-class repair service without leaving home and even save a little in the process! Recommended by Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, CHANEL and Prada we make it incredibly easy for you to always have your shoes and boots looking like you when you just bought them!

For a limited time only!  In celebration of the launch of Luxury Shoe Club, we are giving our annual memberships for FREE ($149 value).

If you have a pair of designer shoes at home that you haven´t worn in last 6-9 months and you want to give us a try, learn more at or download our app in the App Store! Trust us, you'll love it!

LSC Promotion

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Style, Sustainability & Shoes!

The#1 trading club for pre-owned designer shoes 

Sustainably Chic! Rotate your shoe closet today!

Christian Louboutin,  CHANEL, JIMMY CHOO, Valentino, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gucci, TOM FORD and more!


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