5 Reasons Shoe Lovers Need Best Friends

 Today is National Best Friends Day...who knew?


Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our solemates and guys are just people to have fun with,” and I could not agree more.

As you’ve seen in my other blog posts, Katherine, Grace and Elizabeth have been my best friends for years. Despite our busy schedules, we are always there for each other, no matter what! We use any little holiday as an excuse to spend time together, and since today’s National Best Friends Day, how can we pass up getting martinis and talking about shoes?!


So in celebration of today, I jotted down the 5 reasons why it’s great to have best friends.

1. Brunch - Only your best friends would religiously commit every Sunday morning to getting brunch and Bloody Marys with you, regardless of how late they stayed out the night before.

2. Shoes - Your best friend never thinks twice about letting you borrow the perfect pair of heels or outfit for your next date, even if they just bought it.

3. Retail Therapy - Best friends are the only ones who know the way to get over a breakup is to encourage you to buy those cobalt blue Louboutins you’ve had your eyes on since fashion week, (and of course, get a fabulous Hermes bag to match!)

4. Wine & Whine - Guys, work, parents, annoying coworkers, nosy neighbors, and anyone else you want to bitch about are the perfect topics for a judgment-free wine night with the girls who are always in your corner and have your back.

5. Travel - Traveling with your best friends makes the trip more fun. There’s always some unexpected event, person or situation that will make you laugh for years to come. Like the time when Grace picked up that bartender in Turks and Caicos...

So today, make sure you give your best friends a hug (or let them borrow your new pair of Louboutins).

And tell them to sign up for the Luxury Shoe Club Founder’s Circle Pre-launch, so they don’t have to borrow your shoes!

Yours Truly,


The Shoe Diva


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