Freaky Designer Shoes For Halloween!

With Halloween fast approaching, here's a few interesting, spo0o0o0o0o0ky & strange designer shoes that caught my eye. Let's just say that some of them may be more of a fashion "don't" rather than a fashion "do"... 


Prada Shoes.png

I'm racking my brain trying to find an occasion to wear these "flaming hot" wedges, but none are coming to mind. Maybe if you're really into the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day when you dress up on Halloween?



Louboutin Shoes

Honestly, I just want to know how do you walk in these? :)


Louis Vitton 

Louis Vitton

As much as I love Louis, I'm not going to lie... These look like they're being attacked by a rabid mouse!




Versace, Versace, Versace. Strangely I kind of like them!


I'll let you figure out if any of these will be your trick or treat! Hope you all have an AMAZING Halloween this year!

Yours truly,


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